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Codrut Turcanu

Super Affiliate and Copywriting specialist


The importance of autoresponders and building an opt-in list is talked about all the time. But is it really THAT important for your business success? Is AWEBER the real-deal?

If you think list-building is dead, you're NOT living the Internet lifestyle yet!...

FACT: last month I've made $2.305.91 with just a
list of 442 AWEBER subscribers, NO AdWords costs!

Yes, in Sept 2008 I've made $2.305.91 with just a list of 442 AWEBER subscribers selling 10 spots in my start a blog -- mentoring program. I'm living proof you can make money online via Aweber -- and I'm doing it even with small lists, here's the evidence:


Back in the days when I was promoting affiliate products via ClickBank I generated $1,537.00 in less than 72 hours, with a 3,560-subscriber (non-responsive) list.

I had to resurrect them with my Affiliate Project X offer and they were ALL happy to buy!


This is NOT to impress you, just to show what is possible. I am not even suggesting that these are regular results. You should expect to make more or less. Although there is NO guarantee!

Building Your LIST with Aweber
It Is Not Important, IT IS CRUCIAL!

Picture this: you hold in your hands one of the most powerful cash-generating machines ever invented on the Internet -- AWEBER auto responder. You send an e-mail and your list "automatically" buys from you! And you can do this over and over again.

  • While there's a right and a wrong way to build a list and boost trust with your subscribers, for a few select people making money with AWEBER is a breeze. 

How does it feel to have loads of money deposited in your bank account while playing with your friends, spending time with your family and enjoying your life like never before?

Now it is possible -- when you unlock AWEBER's profit-pulling power!

FACT:up to 85% of my online income is generated as a direct (or indirect) result of using AWEBER.

Here are three of its most powerful benefits -- I hope my competitors don't see this:

their automatic responder software runs on AWEBER's servers!

Just log into your AWEBER account from anywhere in the world, 24/7. You're NOT dependant on your computer anymore like you'd do with a regular software tool.

MISTAKE to avoid: forget about autoresponders that run on your computer. If it crashes, you lose your entire list! AWEBER back-ups your entire data -- that's a great add-on!

using AWEBER is as simple as opening and reading e-mails...

Just drag & drop. Write a few words. And your autoresponder list is ready!

Even a 10-year kid could learn how to use it, especially with AWEBER's special VIDEO tutorials I've prepared for you (read further).

MISTAKE to avoid: forget about competitor's autoresponders such as GetResponse. AWEBER's interface is very intuitive, easy-to-use and much better than any other autoresponder service out there. And I tested most of them myself!

you can create unlimited lists and send unlimited follow-up e-mails

Just picture this! You can create as many lists as you want; send as many e-mails as you need. Sky's the limit -- and the price is quite affordable ($20/month)!

MISTAKE to avoid: forget about using free or "limited" autoresponders. The costs of running a business on such services are higher than a SMART investment in AWEBER.

The best feature I like about it is that it allows you to send e-mail and BLOG alerts, newsletters, e-mails, follow-ups, everything! You could send both text and html templates.

Whether you want to keep your e-mail marketing simple or get creative and craft good-looking e-mails, now it is possible, easy and affordable -- via AWEBER! :)

Just think of the profit potential. AWEBER + Your BLOG = "Automatic" MONEY!

Remember:up to 85% of my online income is generated via AWEBER autoresponder list building.

... And I make thousands each month. Do the math!

If I have not conviced you by now of what AWEBER could do for you, maybe this will?

"Buy Aweber From My Link Today And
Get $692 Worth of BONUS Gifts - FREE!"

Aweber lets you test-drive their autoresponder system for 30 days. It’s the best automatic responder software out there. If you've read so far, you already know why!

If you don’t like it, you can cancel your account and move forward. However, you’ll be delighted you’ve tried it, trust me on this one -- it'll be the best investment in your business ever!

All my students are using it, I see no reason why you shouldn't! So here's my offer.

If you buy it today from my link, I’ll reward you with these exclusive gifts:

BONUS Gift #1 -- 3 screen-capture VIDEO Tutorials (worth $100)

I show you step by step “How to Use Aweber Like a Pro” even if you’ve never heard or used Aweber before and have no clue what an autoresponder is.

These VIDEO tutorials come in two formats: flash and avi. You can download or watch each video online, from the comfort of your home.

Here’s what one of my customers says about these tutorials:

"This is the instruction video
that AWeber should use."


You are a freakin’ genius.

I’ve been paying for my aWeber autoresponder for a couple years now and never once used it because I didn’t understand how it worked.

With your step-by-step instruction, I was able to start loading the autoresponder while watching your videos… Brilliant!

This is the instruction video that aWeber should use.

Thank you."

Carl Willoughby - HughTraceyKalimba.com

BONUS Gift #2 -- A free copy of “Opt-In List Confessions” (worth $95)

I sell this multi-media package at my site for a whopping $95 which comes loaded with these benefits and secrets…

  • 14 MP3 audio interview calls (plus PDF transcripts) with fourteen experts revealing how to create cash-sucking opt-in lists
  • 6 VIDEO tutorials teaching how to start your high profit-pulling opt-in list from scratch
  • 3 EMAIL fill-in-the-blank templates that will maximize your opt-in list profits FAST!

I give this entire package to you FREE just so that you can start with AWEBER, the best automatic responder software on the entire Internet, and build your profitable opt-in lists.

And that's not all. I'm also throwing in 8 additional bonus items not to WOW you, but to help you take Internet marketing seriously and shortcut your learning curve.

These products were personally created by myself [or co-authored with other experts] and sold for a limited period of time, that's why you won't be able to find most of them on the "market" nowdays ...

These are not "PLR" products, but they're yours, to use and profit from, in your business, in your activity, in your projects. You cannot re-sold or give them away.

I'm talking about eight "cash-stimulating" products worth $497 combined, including ...

 Bonus Item #1

"Email Subject Lines Exposed" ($29 VALUE)
- Personal Use Only! -


 Bonus Item #2

"Super Affiliates Confessions" ($97 VALUE)
- Personal Use Only! -


 Bonus Item #3

"ClickBank Affiliate Confessions" ($197 VALUE)
- Personal Use Only! -

 Bonus Item #4

"Automated Blog Traffic" ($37 VALUE)
- Personal Use Only! -

 Bonus Item #5

"PLR Cash Machine 2.0" ($29.99 VALUE)
- Personal Use Only! -


 Bonus Item #6

"Blog Post Ideas Exposed" ($29 VALUE)
- Personal Use Only! -


 Bonus Item #7

"Niche Blogging Profits" ($29 VALUE)
- Personal Use Only! -


 Bonus Item #8

"Timeless Copywriting Wisdom" ($49.99 VALUE)
- Personal Use Only! -


Here is WHY I'm doing this:

If you order from my Aweber link (click here now!) I get a small affiliate commission for as long as you stay subscribed with their service, and as a reward, I give you free insider access to all the BONUS gifts above -- you get almost instant approval!

NOTE: this is a special & exclusive offer, not found elsewhere online. 

Here is HOW to Make Sure You
Receive My $692-VALUE Bonus GIFTS:

STEP #1 - Clear your Cookies!

Make sure that your browser is accepting cookies before you make any move. Please, clear your browser cookies and order from my link (click here now!) just in case you've used other AWEBER link previously (with, or without your knowledge).

This ensures you’re using my link, so I get proper credit for the order.

STEP #2 - Send me Your Receipt!

Click here to contact me with your Aweber receipt and I will reply to your mail.

Please allow 24-48 hours so I can verify the receipt and e-mail you the gifts.

I’m looking forward to sending you the BONUS gifts and I thank you in advance for the Aweber (automatic responder software) order.

If you have any other questions, I'm here to help

1. E-mail me at codrut@codrutturcanu.com

2. Skype me - the ID is CodrutTurcanu

  Add me to Skype

[I create cash-generating ads, emails, sales letters
and lead-capture pages for software companies]

P.S. Here's another AWeber satisfied customer I got an email from:

"... now I love it."


I wasted almost 2 years before joing aweber, now I love it. No other solution is close to it.

Waqas Yousaf - home-business-funding.net

It's time you test-drive AWEBER right away!...

Here is HOW to Make Sure You
Receive My $692-VALUE Bonus GIFTS:

STEP #1 - Clear your Cookies!

Make sure that your browser is accepting cookies before you make any move. Please, clear your browser cookies and order from my link (click here now!) just in case you've used other AWEBER link previously (with, or without your knowledge).

This ensures you’re using my link, so I get proper credit for the order.

STEP #2 - Send me Your Receipt!

Click here to contact me with your name and Aweber receipt.


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